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  • Child and pet friendly!
  • Easy maintenance!
  • No more mowing!
  • You can beat the real thing!
  • Be the envy of your neighbours!
  • Flawless and choreless!
  • A perfect lawn all year round!
  • Child and pet friendly!
  • Beat the Hosepipe Ban!

Is 21st Century grass damaging to the environment?

No not at all as it requires no water, no pesticides, no fertilisers or the use of energy or fuel to maintain it. With the way the climate is changing having the perfect lawn without the use of water is a great benefit. Also with the fibres still being so lush and dense insects can happily live in between them without coming into contact with mower blades. All our products are environmentally safe and have been tested to DIN 18035-7 for heavy metal content and for odour, dissolved organic carbon and toxicity.

Does 21st Century grass require any maintenance?

Yes, maintenance is required, but it’s minimal. Unlike some of our competitors we install all our grasses with sand infill, the actual amount depending on the product. The surface requires periodic light brushing to prevent the infill from settling and once a year it may be necessary to top this up to maintain the optimum appearance of the grass. Leaves and any other debris should be removed to prevent any kind of moss build up.

Is 21st Century grass safe for my kids?

The grass is absolutely safe for children and has a soft feel to the surface. What is more, they will not get covered in mud whatever the time of year!

For added protection from falls a shock pad can be installed below the grass around climbing frames and play equipment to give a surface which meets critical fall height requirements.

Can weeds damage the grass?

When we install our artificial lawn we incorporate a geotextile weed membrane below the foundation stone which prevents future weed growth.

Is 21st Century grass suitable for poorly drained areas?

Yes the grass has a holed latex backing which we would lay over a stone foundation base allowing the base to be firm and the water to drain away.

In exceptional circumstances where natural drainage is very poor it may be necessary to install some land drainage, however, if this was the case you would be advised and the costs would form part of our quotation.

How easy is it to clean up after my dog?

21st Century grass is perfect for dogs and other pets such as cats or rabbits. Pet waste is easily removed by simply washing down the area and it won’t stain the grass. What’s more, your pet won’t come into the house and leave muddy paw prints across the floor!

How do I take the first step to creating the perfect lawn?

Simply choose up to three samples to be dispatched to you or if you would prefer e-mail or call our friendly professional team today and we will be happy to guide you to your great new way of modern living and having the lawn you have always dreamed of.

Is 21st Century grass as realistic as the real thing?

Yes, with the new polyethylene fibre surfaces available with different pile heights and colours, it's difficult to distinguish between our products and the real thing.

Is 21st grass suitable for indoor areas?

The uses for artificial grass in 21st century living are becoming wider and more imaginative. It can be installed on most surfaces both indoor and outdoor and we will be happy to advise you on the creation of your indoor green space.

Is 21st Century grass suitable for heavy use areas?

The simple answer is “yes”, but each product has differing wear characteristics and we would be happy to advise on the best product for your individual circumstances/location.

Where can 21st Century grass be installed?

21st Century grass can be installed in a variety of places where natural grass is desired to grow, such as problem shaded areas where natural growth is difficult to those really difficult to maintain areas where mowing may be a hassle. Some examples are: domestic lawns, garden golf greens, office building lawns, show homes, children's nurseries, shops, hotels, exhibitions & decoration, swimming pools, roof terraces, verges & much more.

Does 21st Century grass lose it's colour?

No, 21st Century grass is manufactured using the finest polyethylene fibres which have been UV tested against colour fade for up to 15 years and are guaranteed for 8 years.

Other products on the market have been known to turn a blue/grey colour after a few years out in the sun.

How long will installation take?

Our installation teams are experienced and efficient and although most projects require a two day installation period, some smaller installations can be completed in a day. When quoting we will advise the lead in time from order placement.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum, we are happy to quote regardless of the project size.

What geographical area do 21st Century Lawns cover?

Broadly speaking, we operate in a 50 mile radius from our base in Buckinghamshire. That said, if we are unable to assist you we will happily recommend another TigerTurf Installer who can help.

Is 21st Century Turf guaranteed?

Yes the grass is guaranteed by the manufacturers for 8 years against UV fading and breakdown.

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