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  • Easy maintenance!
  • No more mowing!
  • You can beat the real thing!
  • Be the envy of your neighbours!
  • Flawless and choreless!
  • A perfect lawn all year round!
  • Child and pet friendly!
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 Infill Sand

One of our main company objectives is working towards becoming as “green” as possible. We therefore utilise “greensand” for our  grass infill rather than the traditional natural silica sand.


  • It is a sustainable resource – made from 100% recycled waste container glass
  • Environmentally friendly because it diverts unwanted re-melt glass form landfill
  •  Quarrying natural silica sand has a high carbon footprint


  • Aesthetics – Greensand is far more complimentary than natural yellow sand in the green artificial grass surface
  • Maintenance – The sub-angular particle shape means it is less susceptible to compaction than rounded natural sands, aiding drainage
  • Fully Approved – Tested to the highest industry and governing body standards
  • Innovative and safe – Processed by patented technology to produce a 100% sharp free product

Many installers will tell you that there is no need for infill sand in artificial grass and it is an unnecessary cost.  This is not true and very few artificial grasses are manufactured to be installed without infill sand.  TigerTurf issue prescribed rates of infill for each of their products.

Tigerturf state

“Our experience as the market leading manufacturer of synthetic grass for the sports and domestic markets show that optimum performance and longevity of life for your synthetic grass is aided by the correct infill sand being added.  Therefore, once your TigerTurf grass has been installed, a dressing of washed and dried silica sand will not only maximise its life, but will also add robustness and provide a much more stable and secure base.  We do not recommend installing synthetic grass without the correct infill, as it could lead to premature signs of wear”.

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